Audit of project documentation

This event is a comprehensive verification of project documentation in order to identify errors and assess the appropriateness of the adopted design decisions.

In addition, the audit solves the following issues:

  • assessing the reliability of decisions made;
  • increase the economic efficiency of the project;
  • optimization of applied building materials and construction technology itself.

job description

At the initial stage of the audit of project documentation, a detailed study and verification of the project as a whole is carried out. Next, check the estimates (if any), measurements and calculations. The customer is provided with the results in the form of a conclusion after checking for compliance with regulatory acts, as well as a synthesis of all information. Thanks to the timely audit of project documentation, the client gets the opportunity to quickly correct inaccuracies and shortcomings. Sometimes, after such verification, the project is sent not for examination, but for revision, which saves time and money.

If serious errors are identified during the audit or examination, the project is returned to correct the comments. Refinement should be entrusted only to experienced designers, which are our specialists.

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