Elite residential complex
Bolshaya Ozernaya str., 70

Space-planning solution:
Apartment building in the plan “P” shaped, consists of five sections. The ground floor houses the built-in premises, the HOA, as well as the entrances to the stairwells. The second, third and attic floors are occupied by apartments. The garage with a sports complex closes the contour of a residential building. The first floor is a garage for 67 vehicles with associated premises, the second floor is a sports and fitness complex. The complex has a courtyard with the ability to hit from three sides: from the main and side facades of the building.

The architectural solution of the facades:
The facades are made in the style characteristic of buildings of the early twentieth century, with elements of the “Modern” style: cornices, belts, arched windows, decorative inserts, curved shapes. On the main facade, the building is asymmetrical and has a compositional dominant in the center.

From the side of the front facades the entrance zones to the complex are quite clearly marked. The house has numerous terraces and French balconies.

Exterior finish made of:
– Walls of granite, glazed tiles, plaster.

– Aluminum bindings, brown.

– The roof is pitched, covered with metal.

Landscaping of the adjacent territory:
Landscaping of the territory is envisaged by paving tiles, arranging lawns and flower beds, installing small architectural forms: lamps, urns, benches.

The elite residential complex project, St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Ozernaya str., 70.

  • Project development
  • Implementation of the functions of the general designer
  • Customer: Axioma LLC
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