Building stage


The Institute’s specialists take over the functions of developing a package of tender documents, initial selection of bidders, compiling a comprehensive report on the results of the tender and evaluating proposals, developing and preparing contractual documentation. The general contractor is selected together with the customer.
The Institute’s specialists will collect and submit the necessary documents, as well as represent the customer in the competent authorities when issuing permits for construction work.
The construction of a capital construction object is a long and complex process, during which disagreements may arise between the contractor and the investor. Organization of technical supervision will help to establish effective control of construction and ensure mutual understanding between the customer and the contractor.

“The Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies” provides all the necessary technical supervision services. The presence of our representatives at the construction site will ensure constant and effective quality control of construction and installation works. Constant monitoring of the construction process will help the customer to objectively evaluate not only the quality, but also the timing of the construction work, and will also protect his company from various risks associated with misuse of funds or the lack of professionalism of the contractor.
Executive documentation – this is the documentation drawn up during the construction process. It fixes the entire process of construction and installation works, as well as the conditions of work (weather, technological), as well as the technical condition of the facility (what equipment, engineering systems are installed, how high-quality materials were used, etc.). Its mandatory conduct is regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. Supervisory state bodies will not accept the object in the absence of executive documentation, or if errors are found in the preparation of documentation. The Institute’s specialists will verify the correctness and completeness of the information in these documents.

At this stage, specialists of the Institute carry out:

– Development, together with the Customer and contracting organizations, of a schedule for commissioning the facility;
– delivery of completed work to the Customer;
– organization of work of acceptance commissions and commissioning;
– conclusion of contracts with service organizations and suppliers (electricity, heat, gas, water, telephony, etc.);
– briefing the operating personnel and transferring the facility to the operating organization;
– transfer of a full package of documents to the operating organization.

Carrying out complex management of design and construction, the ICCT team offers the customer:

We are ready to offer both integrated project management and the implementation of individual services at any stage of the project.

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