Congress-center in Banja Luka
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Certainly the most famous Serb is Nicola Tesla. He amazes contemporaries and descendants not only with his genius creature , but with a special gift of looking into the feature. 

One of his inventions is a theory of dynamic gravitation, force field of which inspired us to create the  image. In that image, in our opinion, the willingness of Baja Luka for rapid changes will be shown, courage to claim to be a new cultural center of Europe. And in those willings the city and his habitants are so familiar with the Great Serb!

The strategic purpose of Banja Luka to be developed capital of republic, regional center of South-East Europe and to be a contemporary European city. One of directions of its development, directed on realization of the strategic goals, are plans of strategic development.

The competitive concept of congress center, represents itself as a seven flour volume, at the same time the volume is light and soaring bright, stands out in front of the surrounding buildings.
The facade is made according to technology of “double skin”: the first layer is double-glazed window, second – glass with a special semicircular form, that creates a silhouette of the force field. The half-transparent shell from matt glass allows to use the natural lighting effectively and demonstrates the open congress center.
Building becomes the visual dominant of the new district and harmoniously fits into the image of the new city. The colour decision represents the theory of dynamic gravitation and harmoniously flow into the atmosphere of the congress center.

The structure of the main functional zones. 

  1. Congress-center with multifunctional hall for 1500 seats. 
  2. Small concert hall for 200 seats.
  3. Working area for filarmoni. 
  4. Theater hall for 700 seats 
  5. Showroom for permanent and periodic exhibitions
  6. Administration section 
  7. Press-center 
  8. Restaurants, cafe 
  9. Vertical transport 
  10.  Auxiliary facilities
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