Development of architectural projects

LLC “The Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies” offers services in the development of architectural projects of any level of complexity. Over 23 years of work in this market segment, we have accumulated vast experience in the field of designing both individual structures and urban complexes. We have developed about 150 different projects, ranging from small trading establishments to large industrial enterprises and territorial development programs.

The development of a professional and most balanced architectural design according to technical and economic criteria is one of the most important stages of construction. The cost and terms of work, as well as the reliability and durability of future structures depend on how well it will be prepared.

Job description

The initial stage of any project is the development of an architectural concept, which is designed to determine the possibilities of linking a customer’s task to the specifics of a particular site. For this, a comprehensive analysis of the regulatory framework, building rules and their correlation with various characteristics of the territory, including social and marketing aspects, is carried out. Thanks to this approach, we can develop the architectural concept in the best possible way, which will fully reveal the potential of the area to solve your problems. Required Documentation:

  • description and justification of the appearance of the object, its spatial, planning and functional organization, including parameters and characteristics that allow, on the basis of a three-dimensional basic terrain model, to assess their impact on the formation of the compositional and environmental characteristics of the urban environment;
  • land plot characteristics;
  • description and justification of the used compositional techniques in the design of facades;
  • description of architectural solutions that provide natural lighting for rooms with permanent and temporary residence of people;
  • description of the improvement of the adjacent territory;
  • calculation of the need for social, transport services and engineering support systems.

The graphical part:

  • floor plans, sections;
  • facades;
  • color scheme of facades;
  • scheme of the planning organization of the land;
  • other graphic materials in accordance with the requirements of applicable law.

After the development of the architectural concept is completed, it can be preliminary agreed with the relevant committees for the possibility of implementation. This will help to avoid possible problems during the further development of the project. After creating the concept, our customers receive clear and reasonable information about the volume, cost, timing and other parameters of the project.

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