Development of master plan


Unlike the general plan, the master plan is not a necessary urban planning document in accordance with the requirements of Russian law. At the same time, it is one of the important tools to attract investment in the project. Its main task can be considered the implementation of the developer’s ideas, backed up by technical and economic calculations, planning decisions and three-dimensional models. 

Most often, this type of plan is required when developing large projects that have complex internal logistics. In such cases, it is necessary not only to solve architectural and construction issues, but also to calculate traffic flows and optimally fit the object into the surrounding space.

As with creating a master plan, the process of working on a master plan consists of several stages:

  • Development of a concept that includes marketing tasks, analysis of the location of the object, determination of technical and economic requirements.
  • Creation of several preliminary options, among which one is selected for further study.
  • Detailed design of the chosen concept, including functional areas, internal building schemes, engineering and transport components. 

To develop a master plan, a team of professionals is required, consisting of architects, engineers, designers, analysts and designers. Therefore, to carry out these works, you should contact a specialized organization that has serious experience in implementing projects of varying complexity.

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