Engineering Survey

The conduct of various engineering surveys underlies the design of all facilities, regardless of their functional purpose. The Institute of Modern Building Technologies performs the following types of engineering surveys:

  • Geodetic Surveys
  • Geological engineering surveys
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Hydrometeorological engineering surveys 

Job description

Designed to obtain accurate and current information about the terrain, the presence of buildings and structures (including underground), communications and other objects located in the area of ​​the projected object and are produced using the GLONASS / GPS global navigation satellite system.

In the course of engineering and geodetic surveys, the following types and volumes of work are performed:

– collection and processing of engineering surveys of past years (topographic and geodetic, cartographic, aerial photography and other materials and data);

 – reconnaissance survey of the territory;

– topographic survey of a given scale (1: 200, 1: 500, 1: 2000, 1: 10000, etc.) with a       given relief section and drawing, if necessary, all underground and above-ground communications;

– Office processing of materials and preparation of a technical report.

В ходе инженерно-геодезических изысканий выполняются следующие виды и объемы работ:

– сбор и обработка материалов инженерных изысканий прошлых лет (топографо-геодезических, картографических, аэрофотосъёмочных и других материалов и данных);

– рекогносцировочное обследование территории;

– топографическая съёмка заданного масштаба (1:200, 1:500, 1:2000, 1:10000 и пр.) с заданным сечением рельефа и нанесением при необходимости всех подземных и надземных коммуникаций;

– камеральная обработка материалов и составление технического отчета.

Engineering geological survey is carried out to study the physicomechanical characteristics of soils, to examine the geological structure of the site, soil corrosion activity, hydrogeological features and to predict their changes during construction and operation of the facility. The data will help to provide the necessary measures for the protection of structures, supporting structures from the adverse effects of the geological environment, physical and geological processes and phenomena.

The information obtained is used to determine the design features and type of foundation, in the optimal ratio of operational characteristics and economic feasibility. Development of design documentation and further construction without careful study and assessment of geological conditions often leads to uneven shrinkage of structures, irreversible deformation, destruction of structures, breakthroughs of utilities.

  • assessment of the features and degree of contamination of the site;

  • determination of the spatial structure – the area of ​​distribution, composition and power of environmental pollution, requiring rehabilitation or reclamation for certain types of functional use;

  • making recommendations on the further safe use or movement of soils and soils during earthworks and construction works;

  • development of a list of measures designed to eliminate, prevent or reduce the dangerous effects of radioactive particles, harmful chemicals, pathogenic and sanitary-indicative microorganisms, various pathogens of parasitic diseases. Measures will help protect the environment and human health in the implementation of design decisions and the implementation of construction work in a specific area.

Engineering hydrometeorological survey is carried out to study hydrometeorological conditions and the hydrological regime in the area of ​​the projected object, to determine the main hydrometeorological characteristics necessary for making sound design decisions, for which the following tasks are solved:

– reconnaissance survey of the territory;

– study of the hydrological regime of water bodies in the area of ​​the construction site;

– determination of climatic conditions and individual meteorological characteristics;

– identification and quantification of hazardous hydrometeorological processes and phenomena.

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