Manufacturing of architectural layouts

Prototyping for visualization is an effective advertising tool that allows even at the design stage not only to attract investors, but also to find future buyers.

Production and subsequent demonstration of the layout allow:

  • show the beauty and uniqueness of the house before its construction;
  • evaluate the architecture of the building, its design features, scale and idea;
  • eliminate perceptual differences;
  • timely make changes, adjustments to the design of the facade, change color, materials, and much more.

Job description

The manufacture of architectural models of the building must meet the following requirements:

  • profitability
  • optimality
  • high detalization

The first option is performed at a scale of 1: 500, when the display of small details is not required. It is considered optimal to make a house model in a ratio of 1: 200, which allows you to accurately show all the elements of the structure, without making them too large. The high-detail prototyping option (1: 100) is used when you need to display “small” details, including the type of wood and the fence in the front garden.

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