Multicultural center in Helsinki

In 2019, the Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies took part in the international architectural competition for the renovation of the central quarters of Itäkeskus (Helsinki) and the area of the Puotila metro station, held by the city of Helsinki in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Architects (SAFA).

The aim of the competition was to develop innovative, technically and financially feasible proposals that transform one of the central parts of Helsinki, known as the center of public transport and commercial services, into an eastern city multicultural center.

The project, developed by the Institute’s specialists, created a cityscape infrastructure, unique in scale and function. Innovative planning ideas aimed at the development of the social environment, no doubt assumed to make Itäkeskus a new center of Helsinki and a place of attraction for tourists from other countries.

In zone F, on the site of the existing open parking, it is planned to create a new spacious square, which would become a leisure center and a meeting place for guests and residents of the area. At the existing indoor parking, the building of which is hidden from the square by a vertical garden, it is planned to add one floor with a park on the roof with a recreation area, which together gives the square the appearance of a walking park. Here is a hotel complex with bars, restaurants, a SPA-salon, the creation of which in the infrastructure of the district is fundamentally important to increase its attractiveness. The guests of the city, accommodated in the hotel, will be able to get all the necessary services, hold business meetings and make purchases in the shopping center without leaving From Itäkeskus.

Across Europe today, the demand for modern theater, concert and exhibition spaces is growing. Obviously, Helsinki is no exception, and Itäkeskus, taking into account future development and unique transport accessibility, is an ideal place to host a large-scale theater and concert hall.

To connect significant zones, pedestrian bridges are provided in a single and functional city center, as well as a platform that combines zones A and B together and forms a unique public walking space that creates the feeling of a walk in the park.

Zone C, located near the metro station and in need of creating a comfortable public space, is fundamentally transformed: the existing gas station is being transferred to zone D, the facades are a new residential complex with the most convenient transport access, on the ground floors of which are located retail premises, premises of the services sector and cafe. All apartments are supposed to have two-sided orientation, which allows to increase the level of insolation. Parkings, on the roof of which there will be playgrounds and recreation areas, are located along the street.

All new buildings and structures presented in the quarter were designed to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, heat geothermal pumps. Landscaping is done on terraces and building facades. The ditches with storm drains existing in the area are modified by underground reservoirs for rain and “gray” water, which will supply it for irrigation of green spaces. Wastewater treatment facilities for domestic sewers are being arranged for reuse of water for technical needs.

The main material for the construction of residential buildings is planned to use environmentally friendly materials: wood, stone. To meet the growing needs of the population on the site of the existing kindergarten, it is planned to build a new one that meets modern standards and requirements.

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