Preparation Stage

The implementation of any investment and construction project is a complex process that takes place in several stages.

As part of the initial preparatory stage (stage of the idea), the investor assesses the risks of the future project, carries out a comprehensive analysis of various factors affecting the success of its implementation and subsequent operation.

At the same stage, the investor is faced with the need to resolve a number of legal issues necessary to start the project.


Site analytics includes the study of title documents, urban planning documentation, the possibility of engineering and technical support, the presence of existing restrictions and burdens, etc.

Legal support for the unification or division of land, changing the type of permitted use, etc.

The condition for financial success of investment projects is thorough marketing research of the market and justification of projects. Competent marketing research will help reduce business uncertainty, reduce risks in developing a business plan and most effectively distribute the economic potential to achieve the customer’s strategic goals.

This service is the creation of a project document that considers several options for implementing the customer’s intention, and also determines their main technical and economic indicators. As a result, it becomes possible to compare alternative projects and choose the most attractive of them, from the point of view of investment.

When carrying out the justification of investments, depending on the specifics of the object, the following sections are created:

– Baseline data, which includes investment objectives, as well as the expected economic and social effect.

– In the case of industrial and commercial enterprises, their capacity and product range are determined.

– Basic technical solutions. At this stage of the investment justification, a production technology or other activity is selected based on various options according to criteria such as economic efficiency, security, resource consumption, etc.

– Providing the facility with resources.

– Basic architectural and construction solutions.

– Analysis of environmental impact.

– The expected effect of investing.

– Conclusions and offers. This section includes a conclusion on the need, technical feasibility and feasibility of investing in the construction of the facility.

Developing a business plan for a project is a universal tool for forecasting the future. This document describes aspects of a future project, analyzes the problems that it may encounter, and also establishes ways to solve them. The business plan contains information about the possible cost of the project and planned revenues. 

Specifications contain information about the connection diagrams and what work must be done to make the connection to communications. They determine the supply conditions and the size of the allocated capacities. Connection points, measures necessary to organize the accounting of consumed resources and measures for their conservation are determined. Technical specifications also include environmental standards that are binding.

Technical control of engineering surveys is a guarantee of the successful implementation of the entire cycle of engineering surveys for construction and the adoption of correct design decisions based on them.

The “Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies” carries out the admission of engineering survey performers to work. At the same time, they check whether they have approvals for certain types of work that affect the safety of capital construction facilities, their technical equipment, the availability of appropriate personnel, and the availability of regulatory and technical documentation, terms of reference and a work program. In the course of engineering surveys, the observance of the survey technology is monitored, the necessity and sufficiency of the volume of surveys provided for by the work program. Laboratory testing is being carried out.

Carrying out complex management of design and construction, the ICCT team offers the customer:

We are ready to offer both integrated project management and the implementation of individual services at any stage of the project.

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