Project Documentation

In accordance to  the urban planning code of the Russian Federation, before the construction or reconstruction of any building, architectural and construction design is carried out in the form of preparation of design documentation. Project documentation is a collection of materials in textual form and in the form of diagrams and defines architectural, functional-technological, constructive and engineering solutions to ensure the construction and reconstruction of various facilities.

Project documentation is necessary to assess the conformity of a newly constructed or reconstructed object with the requirements of technical regulations before starting construction work during the examination, as well as to obtain a building permit and the subsequent development of working documentation to carry out construction and installation work directly on the basis of the decisions laid down in the design documentation. In addition, when commissioning an object, it is evaluated for compliance with project documentation.

The person preparing the project documentation is responsible for the quality of the project documentation and its compliance with the requirements of technical regulations.

Structure of Project Documentation

For capital construction facilities for production and non-production purposes, the following 12 sections are included in the design documentation:

Section 1 “Explanatory Note”;

Section 2 “Scheme of the planning organization of the land plot”;

Section 3 “Architectural Solutions”;

Section 4 “Constructive and space-planning decisions”;

Section 5 “Information on engineering equipment, networks of engineering and technical support, list of engineering and technical measures, content of technological solutions”;

Subsection “Water supply system”;
Subsection “Water disposal system”;
Subsection “Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, heating networks”;
Subsection “Communication Networks”;
Subsection “Gas supply system”;
Subsection “Technological Solutions”;

Section 6 “Construction Organization Project”;

Section 7 “Project for the organization of demolition or dismantling of capital construction projects”;

Section 8 “List of measures for environmental protection”;

Section 9 “Fire Safety Measures”

Section 10 “Measures to Ensure Access for Persons with Disabilities”;

Section 10.1 “Measures to ensure compliance with energy efficiency requirements and the requirements for equipping buildings, structures and structures with meters for the use of energy resources”;

Section 11 “Estimate for the construction of capital construction projects”;

Section 12 “Other documentation in cases provided for by federal laws”.

For linear objects (roads, pipelines, power lines and other similar structures), design documentation consists of the following 9 sections:

Section 1 “Explanatory Note”;

Section 2 “Design of ROW”;

Section 3 “Technological and constructive solutions of a linear object. Artificial constructions”;

Section 4 “Buildings, structures and structures included in the infrastructure of a linear facility”;

Section 5 “Construction Organization Project”;

Section 6 “Project for the organization of work on the demolition (dismantling) of a linear object”;

Section 7 “Environmental Protection Activities”;

Section 8 “Fire Safety Measures”;

Section 9 “Construction estimate”.

LLC “The  Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies” is ready to develop qualitatively and on time, on the instructions of the Customer, both design documentation for a capital construction object or a linear object in full, and for certain sections.

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