Public market in Istanbul

Istanbul is an eternal city, the heir to the old Constantinople and a modern metropolis, in which architectural traces of different peoples, different faiths are intertwined and various historical traditions. It is here that a market should be erected that organically fits into the ancient streets of a metropolis with a modern character.

ICCT took part in the competition, during which the architectural design of the market was created. Designers have proposed creating a three-level space.

The first level is parking, which allows visitors to remove cars and commercial vehicles from adjacent streets, without which the work of a modern trading company is impossible.

The market itself and the cafe are located on the second level, the ancient traditions of the retail space are combined here with new trends in the organization of such objects, with walking streets where you can spend time, have a bite and replenish home stocks of products.

The third level is reserved for exhibition halls,

craft shops, recreational areas, playgrounds and a terrace where various events can be held.

It was possible to enter the object into the urban space through the use of traditional architectural elements, and the safety and functionality of the building was ensured by modern materials and technologies that meet high standards.

The concept of the project managed to preserve the spirit, traditions and atmosphere of the old city, which for thousands of years served as a crossroads of civilizations.

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