Our services are based on strict adherence to industry norms and standards.

The priority of the Institute is to improve the quality of construction with an increase in the efficiency of investment.

Project Documentation

Necessary to assess the conformity of a newly constructed or reconstructed object with the requirements of technical regulations before starting construction work during the examination

Work Documentation

To detail the decisions made and approved in the project documentation, working documentation is developed that serves as a guide for the implementation of construction and installation works.

Engineering survey

Carrying out engineering surveys underlies the design of objects for various purposes.

Examination of buildings and construction

Inspection of building structures of buildings and structures.


Development of architectural projects

Development of a professional and most balanced architectural design according to technical and economic criteria.

Pre Design proposal

A set of primary documentation, which is necessary for passing regulations in a particular region.

Development of master plan

Implementation of developer ideas, supported by technical and economic calculations, planning decisions and three-dimensional models.

Manufacturing of architectural layouts

Visualization prototyping is an effective advertising tool to attract investors.

Audit of project documentation

Processing and adaptation of projects developed by foreign colleagues.

Adaptation of project documentation

Complex verification of project documentation in order to identify errors and assess the appropriateness of decisions made.

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