Stage of Development

“The Institute of Contemporary Construction Technologies” , as a technical customer at the design stage, carries out integrated design management, as well as the provision of engineering support services.


Input control of project documentation is carried out in order to establish its compliance with the requirements of the statement of work, SNiP, GOST and other regulatory documents. Input control takes the form of control in relation to the compliance of design documentation with current technical regulations, the results of surveys in the engineering field, data of the urban development plan of a land plot, etc.

When incoming inspection of design documentation is checked:

– Completeness. Here, the presence of a full package of papers transferred for verification by the customer is checked.

– Conformity. One of the key points is the study of project documentation on the fact of compliance.

– The fact of coordination. Incoming control involves checking the transmitted documentation regarding the presence of the fact of statements or approvals.

– Status. In the control process, special attention is paid to documentation from the standpoint of the availability and correctness of the established dates, the presence of signatures of authorized structures, the presence of stamps and so on.

Design and estimate documentation must go through the examination procedure and get a positive opinion. In order to conduct an examination, verification and assessment of compliance of design solutions with the requirements of technical regulations, sanitary and environmental standards, requirements for the protection of cultural heritage objects, fire and industrial safety requirements, as well as engineering survey results is carried out.

Carrying out complex management of design and construction, the ICCT team offers the customer:

We are ready to offer both integrated project management and the implementation of individual services at any stage of the project.

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