Work Documentation

In accordance with the Town Planning Code of the Russian Federation, the construction or reconstruction of any building, structure or linear facility should be carried out on the basis of documentation developed and agreed upon in the established procedure. To date, when performing architectural and construction design, such documentation is performed in two stages: design documentation (P) and working documentation (P).

Stage P undergoes an examination, on its basis a building permit is issued. But in most cases, on the basis of project documentation, it is impossible to carry out construction work, since the materials contained in it are not enough to organize a full-fledged construction process, as a rule, they contain only the main parameters and description.

To detail the decisions made and approved in the project documentation, working documentation is being developed, which serves, in fact, as a guide to the implementation of construction and installation works.

Purpose and Features of work documentation

Work documentation, in contrast to the design, does not contain justifications for the choice of applied solutions, since, in fact, it reveals, details and clarifies already approved solutions.

The legislation does not define the Procedure for the development of working documentation, so it can be prepared both simultaneously with the project and after it.

In the process of detailing the decisions of stage P during the development of P, any shortcomings are always detected, changes are made due to unaccounted factors or the wishes of the Customer that have arisen. If at the same time the changes are significant and affect the main characteristics of the object, and stage P has already passed the examination, it will be necessary to make changes to it with the subsequent re-examination.

To avoid such scenarios, many Customers,, first order the development of documentation for the construction work and, on its basis, design documentation submitted for approval.

There are no mandatory norms defining the list of sections included in the set of working documentation. The volume and content, as a rule, are determined by the customer depending on a number of factors, including the level of detail of the decisions contained in the design documentation, qualifications of the contractor for construction work, and others.

Our organization is ready to fulfill both the full amount of working documentation necessary for the implementation of construction and installation works, as well as individual sets of working drawings and documents attached to them.

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